Tips and Information

Please check the event calander ,specials , and this page for regular information.

** Some of our processes have changed and the name of the business will be changing soon. I will give it to you as soon as everything is completed.

To stay updated on how everything is performed please make sure that you that you look over general information, brochure, and soloution page to go over everything that we perform and how we work, what to expect and not to expect.

Razorsync is our scheduling software. You should see your appt time, when they are on the way and when they complete the work order. This means you should receive a text and/or a email letting you know.

Change your filters regualry to keep the dust to a minimum.

-Please keep all return vents unblocked.

-Remember to have most mattressed flipped every so often three months or so.

-check your light bulbs for needing changed

-schedule a deep clean at least once every six months

- the event calander will help keep things scheduled and we will have a members only special event page to stay organized and up to date in the future.

All plans will be revised on an indiviual base . These are to inculde discount plans , prepayment plans, etc. They will go into effect 9/1/2016

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