House Cleaning


We love to clean. Let us help you keep a clean home. Ask about our specials and/or discount rates.

Before & After Party Cleaning

Most people have too much to do before the party and are definitely too exhausted to clean after the party. We would love to help! One or two things less for you to check off your To-Do's List.



Carpet Cleaning


*Coming Soon*

Deep Spring Cleaning


This is the time that most call a transformation. We can go as deep of a clean, as you request.*** This is wonderful! Replies from our top-clients' children have been, "Wow! Our home has never  been so clean." Hard work pays off.

Move In/Out Cleaning


Turning over a clean home, is a very nice and respectful gift. Move into a top to bottom clean home. It is much easier to clean a home from top to bottom before spreading the germs and dirt on your belongings, after the fact.

Upholstery Cleaning


*Coming soon*

We do offer vacuuming of the upholstery and drapes at this current time.

Additional Services

Inside Cabinets/ Organization

Keep your inside of cabinets cleaned and organized to keep insects and critters out.

Inside Fridge

Most people dread doing this but have you looked at your ice maker, or your water dispenser, and/or even the rubber enclosure around your doors on the inside for mold? Please take a look, because we would love to help you have a clean place to store the most important things (your food)!!

Inside Oven

Self cleaning ovens can even be a pain depending on the shape they are in.



Interior Walls

We recommend this before painting!

Having the walls cleaned is a major priority. How many hands has touched them walls? Gross...



Interior Windows

Clean windows is a must on the inside and out! We can only do outside window cleaning certain times of the year, but most windows we have no problem cleaning. It will depend on the height and screens. Our prices are awesome!

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