Pricing factors

Things that will increase your service fee's

Any day cleaning apt time before 3 pm

Thursday and Friday apt

Sat and Sunday apts 

Please review the brochure and general information pages for things that are included and not included in normal clean price.

Missing an apt will increase your next apt fee. This will depend on how many apts one has missed.

- Payment is due at time of service completion to avoid 60.00 additional fee for the first three days past service date, after that the original price doubles if after the third day . This is good for up to day ten after service date. If paid after that , There is a five percent fee ( every thirty) days past day ten on the double price . Ie, if your cleaned on Monday FEB 3rd, 2020 and your original price is 100.00, but you wait to pay two days later. You fee will be 160 and this does not include check processing fee's or merchants fee's. If you pay on Monday The 10th , you payment would be two hundred, plus additional fee's for payment processing. If you pay on Feb 20, 2020 then it would be 200.00 plus five percent of that and payment processing fees. 

If paying March 14 then it would be ten percent of 200.00 added plus payment processing Fee's. We do not like chasing payment down or not getting paid once service is complete.

Paying by credit card increases fee 15 dollars for every hundred your cleaning fee is.

check processing fee is 30.00 ( these will be discussed with each client if your fee needs to adjust)

If we are running behind and I text asking for permission to come on and one cancels in the middle of on the way and some drives are 40 minutes are better- there will be fee's added to your next service. It is considered a trip service fee.

locations outside of our normal ten -15 min drive time between houses will result in to additional trip fee's.

Things that have helped with credits and certain contest for free cleanings depending on what specials ( if any ) are going on at the current time. 




Anything out side of normal cleans

Anything swapped out of normal cleans.

Cost of labor

Cost of living

Gas prices

Cost of overhead/chemicals 

Please check page for updates .

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