Pandemic Normal Clean Packages, Ideas, & Suggestions

1.  Door knobs, light switches, handles , and things touched often cleaned

2.  Floors cleaned

3. Bathrooms cleaned

4.  needing to social distance while cleaning and you have schooling and/or working from home. We can do an upstairs and then alternate or alternate scheduling-- We will try to help you with whatever and however within reason that we possibly can. We have been doing well with this.

5.  With regrets, We have not taken before and after pictures of our pressure washing jobs, but they have been outstanding and have lots of happy clients with this, too. 

6.  Want just one person in your home, we can do this for most of from time to time. In fact we have done this for some, on a regular bases during this.

Please review the deep clean packages and know that each job/house is different and the condition , location, amount of dust and type of dust, and many other things play a factor in the pricing. Remodeling /construction dust and many other things can not be hidden and 97 percent of the time this causes an increase in pricing. 

*** It is rare this is taken care of properly before we arrive. 

Deep cleaning- please check out brochure to see what is normal and what is not. 

** Most normal cleans just add the following: baseboards, doors, trim, and cabinet facings. 

ICAN add the following to the above package

1.  walls

2.  windows inside ( if pass our inspection test and our tools reach them and same goes for outside windows and screens. Screens cleaned is seperate ,but can be added if inspection of ours pass. 

3.  under the window sill- the sill under a closed window

4.  furniture cleaned such as sofa / chair

5.  bed ruffles, drapes, etc if they pass our inspection test

7.  inside oven ( must be self ran prior to day of our arrival, we do not use harsh chemicals such as oven cleaner, the racks are to be taken out while cleaning--- if oven has ever self cleaned with them in they will probably be permanently discolored.)

8.  grout cleaning/ mold removal

9.  more than normal cleaning/ wiping , scrubbing anything

10.  pressure washing.

11.  inside fridge or freezer or both

12. construction dust

13.  need something and do not see it, ask us we may have failed to add it to our list such as garage cleaning, garbage can cleaning, etc

If you are a realtor requesting for a house to be cleaned to put on the market or something similar, you and the client will have to be on the same page.

*** This being said sometimes the new client has spent tons of money or not wanting to spend the money to have all done that is requested by the realtor. ( a deposit may be required and payment is due the day services are complete or there is another charge added to the estimate. 

The agent and client need to be on the same page and our fee's will be an agreement with all pricing and will not result in free cleaning or coming back because someone worked on something following or worked on something after estimate and the estimate did not include that type of clean up. 

This has happened 78 percent of the time and we are not interested in getting in this situation again and we will not loose money on these jobs again. We are okay passing on the job if it is going to be issues of such. We are also grateful on taking jobs that are no issues as such. 

We are grateful and have worked and still work for great realtors with no issues ever and we have some of the same ones that it has been numerous of issues through the years and we will not do this again. If someone is not paying for the job needed like it should be, then we will suggest calling someone else. 

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