Do not fall short because there is a language barrier/ Most ilegal cleaners or even legal will say yes to everything even when he/she does not understand. Once something is taken by an ilegal immigrant ( good luck on pressing charges). Good luck on getting payment for damage when he/she is not following the rules. This could be floors, tubs, faucets and more. BEWARE, I have seen and heard of this more times than I can to mention. Most are above the rules, and that is why they do not care to follow. 

We take Pride in our work. We do not bring dirty mops in homes ( we launder ours) . Pay attention, because the cheap price you pay could and probably will cost one in the long run.  Who wants other peoples germs in his or her home. We clean our things and take more pride in our jobs. You will not have to worry about us running off and you can not get in touch with us.

We are not perfect and we are not interested in nit picking clients that are looking for perfect to the extreme, but we will try and give it more than our best to make things right the first time and follow up when needed if we ever fall short from that.

Janitorial , Commercial, and Residential - professional cleaning services- You get what you pay for. If a bid it too low to be true , it probably is for a reason. Will you get a different group of crew members ( we cant guarantee that you will have the same , but we do everything we can to keep the same ones working and paying min wage in the field does not make that happen). Be happy with your cleaning services . The quality of the work should be on your budget , also.

** feel confident with loving people with big hearts that love animals and love people and take pride in  his/her work.  Know that we are not coming in with dirty moms rinsed out from house before.

Restaurants - keep and receive new business by keeping it clean- food and warmth is a number one source for growing bacteria- need some training call us up> We specialize in this, too. 

storage rooms, bathrooms, curtains, sills, refrigerator, floors, walls and much more. Let us know if you need it clean . Build your business by having a clean place of business. Short on employees, need help with cleaning? How much do you pay out in labor, and would it be cheaper to hire us out to clean for you?


New Construction- general contractors

Rentals, Apartments, Move In's and Out's

Are you worried about passing the final inspection of the cleaning?

Are you worried about being charged an arm and leg?

Do you have a deadline? Worried if you can make that?

Did the painters come back in for touch-ups and make a mess?. Afraid of loosing a deposit? Worried about the dirt you are about to move in on?



Do you have stuff just sitting around everywhere? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you need help getting things put away?

Do you need help getting rid of things you don't need? Do you have a problem putting things in a proper place? Do you need closets cleaned out and organized?

Does your dresser needed to be cleaned out? Do you have stuff sitting on the floor, stuffed under your bed, falling off counters, stuffed in corners? Do you have seasonable items still out?

Contact us and let us help you get organized, reduce stress, and have a fresh start.

Sofas, Chairs, Upholstery ,Drapes, bed skirts, kennels, litter box, and/or Mattress

Cleaning and/or flipping

Sick Cleans

Special Cleans


Do you and your family track trash from the garage into your home?

Do you have trouble finding things in your garage? Do you have stuff thrown all around in your garage? Do you have spiders and spider webs in your garage or on the windows of the garage doors?

Contact us and let us help you get your garage clean and organized


Does your porch need help? Is it cluttered? Does it have trash on it? We make your porch look like a porch, again. Contact us and let us take the worry  of what the neighbor may think off your hands.


Is your windows dirty? Does your windows have a film on them?

We can make them shine! If needing this , it will depend on the job if or if not we can provide the service, season, and location. This may or may not be available. Window sills and screens can be requested as well.

Pressure Washing

Does your parking lot need to be cleaned?

Do you need your driveway to be cleaned? Does your brick on your home have mold or grass stains on it? Pressure washing can take care of this. Does your boat need to be cleaned?

Mold and Soap Sum clean- this would fall in category that is considered more than normal.

Picking up will fall into Needing to pick up before we can clean, if this is considered more than five mins of clean.


Does your fire pit still have ashes, wood, paper, or anything else in it that needs to be removed?


Garbage cans

Does your garbage can reep of odor?



Do you have a suggestion of service? If so run it by us.

Cleaning Services- residential- Top 20 Reasons to Take Advantage of Our Services.


2. reduce stress

4. not having enough time, not having to do it yourself

5. it is too hard to do with everyone there, or in the way, or calling mom for this and that

6. nothing like your house having that fresh-clean smell

7. takes a load off of you, your family, and your mind

8. not having to buy cleaning supplies

9. receiving compliments on how nice your home looks

10. not having someone in your house cleaning all day

11. taking advantage of having someone to let your dog out while you are at work

12. admiring the services while you are home, taking care of other things or just relaxing

13. reduce pet hair

14. reduce dust and allergens

15. spider web removal - spider feces removal

16. windows- clear

17. disinfect

18. reduce your chances of passing viruses

19. not having to worry about whether something is done , or not

20. not having to worry about your things; All employees must pass a drug, reference, and back ground check. We provide careful services.

21. not taking two are three days to get your house clean

22. Not costing an arm and leg for your services

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