Updates, guidelines, suggestions

4/28/2020 ( Tuesday)-  Current changes that begin asap and will be changed as often as needed for the safety of all involved including the business.

** No schedule day is a set schedule day at this time. We look for our new schedule to be set as most come back to the schedule and/or as time passes.  We appreciate everyone and his/her patience and understanding. New clients at this time your day may or may not be sat in stone and neither will time frames. 

*** Fevers must be checked the night before your appointment and the morning of and if you feel like you might should check your fever before us arriving. Please notify us of any sickness with in the last three weeks or if you or anyone in the house hold has came into contact with anyone with sick symptoms. Even if you think it is sinus / allergy related symptoms, please inform us and let us make that call. The following signs and symptoms that we request knowledge of is not limited to the ones as following and more may be added or deleted . Here are symptoms as follow: 

Head ache/ sinus drainage

fever this can be too low or low grade fever as well

stomach issues/ pains, cramps, and/or nausea

body aches/ muscle weakness


no taste

no smell

rash or similar issues on body anywhere and especially toes/ feet

trouble breathing

sore throat

dry cough

nasal congestion


chills / shakes

We do not care if anyone is at the home , but we do ask to not have anyone else come in your home the day before or the day of our arrival , until after your appointment.

*** Air and home temp has to be at 70 degrees on both levels before our arrival. 

No hugging and please social distance. 

** We will try to wear a mask, but may or may cannot succeed in your home with this on. These are so hot... so this may or may not happen, but if you prefer this please let us know ahead of time to make this call. 

We ask that you have the following or try to purchase this as you get out and about: 

Normally we ask for you to have garbage bags, lights, heat/air, running water, paper towels, extra step stool, and whatever special product you would like to have. 

* We have items on stock now , but I am nervous that this may be an issue one day so we ask for you to purchase these and have on stock when you can the following:

clorox clean up

dawn dish soap


murphys oil soap not the special kind already mixed for floors, please just purchase the regular kind

pinesol or lysol, I do like the pine scent original kind because you can use this on more things than lysol disinfectant cleaner and it also kills 99 percent. 

The issue is the pricing on all cleaning products and getting the items. They are being ridiculous and I can only purchase limited amounts and most of the time that is one. This was never a problem with me because of me always being able to buy a number of things at once. **** This is not a must at the moment it is just a advisory and suggestion. We are trying to keep our prices as was before and not trying to change everything; we know this is a hard time for a lot of people so we are trying everything in our power to not have to jump any prices up at the moment. We are going to do this for as long as we can , but I am not sure how long that will be like everything else of the unknown.

Our times and days will be different and we ask for flexibility and understanding with this. This may change multiple times . ( I have no idea, it will depend on how all goes and client demand).

With home schooling and people working from home we ask for you to please understand the following:

* We can not have people just on the clock waiting.

** Most days we have to get later starts than normal ( way later because of this)

**With us working differently and short people and being extra cautious our time frame of cleaning one's home is not normal and not sure when that will go back to normal... --- I will not be able to give you an accurate or close to accurate time frame ether at this time.

We are doing this as a play it by ears and eyes time of procedure. If we need to change things and are able to do so, we will. 

We miss all so dearly and Pray that all is okay and safe.

We are very grateful for all the help and support during this and forever thankful . Clients you have been amazing and a blessing from God.  

We will offer some packages on the next page. 

The gray highlighted text below was posted before the pause. You may still find some info helpful . 

If your going to cancel services please do not wait until the time being even if your suspended services for a short period of time. In order for us to stay open and help the ones in need please think of everyone and everyone's protection. We will constantly monitor and make the best calls we can. We will probably be the ones that are left to work, I understand the scare and concern. I just want to know ahead of time instead of last minute if you are thinking about waiting this out a little etc or what your plan is. There will be at least a 50 dollar charge for stopping with out notice if you can help the stopping , some knew and did not even bother to call. This will eventually all get better one day, but please consider a notice to us and think of all that has to protect their families and feed them as well.  We too are scared and very concerned. We will make smaller groups to help minimize the concern of spreading etc. We are cleaning everything and building our immune system as best as we can. This is a thing that will pass with time hopefully and cleaning is more than important to minimize the germs as well. As of now the call I am making is we will start to consolidate appointments, merge them to different days and will stop  work on some days...., especially if more and more people cancel. housecall pro appointments will not be accurate, our appointment times will change according to demand and the crew. We have to do what we can for the reflection  in rising cost on all and the concern of the workers. We all agreed that yes we want to continue to work as much as we are able with in respect of being as cautious as possible. If you are planning on just even cancelling one time , give us a heads up and not the late night before or the day of if all possible. Schedules will be revised as often as needed with the constant change we are monitoring this hot and heavy. If someone gets up set we are sorry, but I can not have crew members on clock just waiting to get in somewhere. Again, We understand that you can not predict a sickness. Please be trueful in this situation and not have us somewhere we should not be or cause us to close doors because one did not feel like we are important enough to care of whether we get a notice or not. you know when a restaurant can sell more hamburgers they are able to reduce cost because of bulk selling like costco. We the ridiculous pricing of the chemicals etc we are doing all we can to not make a move on any increases at the moment and we are striving our best at this.**** this is a fine example of how important professional , true cleaners are at this time and every other time to reduce germs. Return to top of this page and please review this daily. Please send an email of cancellation notice if cancelling and text. Our phones have been iffy with text etc. The top of the page will let you know new hours and days etc as we wait to hear from several of their plans on staying on schedule as of now etc... Please send us email letting us know today so we will know we are making the correct calls that we make on things. --- We will not let anyone here at work sick if they are knowingly sick they will more than likely not get to return for at least 14 days and a release form for added precaution. --- we will not be hugging or touching any clients and we will try to stay six feet away from all. 

This is a very serious matter and we need to prevent & stop the spread of the nasty viruses & sickness going around. This is by no means a laughing matter. I am working closely with Osha, Health Departments, CDC, and more. We are doing all we can do and will further education and training, as much as possible/ or needed. If this makes us slower, there is a bright side of us trying to be as cautious, as possible. This is very scary and bad when in one night the cases ( new ) exceeded 250, making the US at almost 1000 confirmed cases and 31 deaths I believe this is 3/11/22 at 11:18 am.

We need to be informed of the following:

If anyone has been sick in the last 21 days, we need to be notified and please list symptoms. 

If anyone in your home has traveled to any area , please inform us of this and let us know asap.

** We would like to at least have the option to decide whether we would like to chance it or not. 

This is a very serious matter and more than you know has a compromised immune system.

We specialize in some sick cleans and have the experience and supplies. One is being cdiff and staph if your not aware of any of this look them up. We just want to prepare ourselves and have the option and make sure we have the right supplies etc.


Comparing to the flu--- it lives on surfaces for one day, while this nasty stuff can live on surfaces for nine days. 

advice/ suggestions-- be cautious- one may never know if someone has an underlying disease until after the fact.

**** Build immune systems, work towards this a long with cleaning. We will be offering other packages that will be beneficial in helping to prevent.

Wash hands along with sanitizer and practice not touching your face and keeping your distance especially from sick people. Prepare for the elderly and the weakened immune system. ie medication refills, food, thermometer, meds for fever, air diffuser. 

Do your research and stay up to date. I have been on the phone with CDC, Osha, Health departments , and more to make sure we are taking all the precautions that we can possibly take to protect ourselves, families, and clients. Do not forget about your pets and keeping kennels, bedding, bowls and more clean and work towards there immune system. 

Use dummy cup in place of putting dirty cups ( drunk out of a cup and then touch water and ice dispenser). 

remotes, tables, things touched often, bedding, pillows, toilet handles, faucets, knobs, chairs ( table chairs) anything touched , needs to be cleaned. 

Prices will soon have to increase soon due to this. You can not find lysol, and many other cleaners , toilet paper is a problem for most, but it is extremely bad when lysol jumps up to 50 something a can. All cleaners are going up and are very hard to get. The cleaner we have can be used on many things, it is registered and tested. It kills a numerous list of viruses , bacteria, mold, mildew, HIV, HPv, several forms of Hepatitis , parvo, coronavirus, and much more. It is healthcare grade cleaner and I did verify this with CDC today. It is not harmful to breath or prolong use. It is 100 percent biodegradable. I have used it to mop a wood floor family member request. It is no rinse even with FDA. It goes much further than bleach killing mold at top of surface it seeks through pores and cleans beneath.  You will not smell this. This stuff rocks. I used to use this stuff , but had to deal with a dealer and price was high then. I got some soon as this came out, not it is out of stock and has went up from 50 a bottle to 1199. dilution rates are different for different situations.

Back to wood floor, it was fabulous. Bona is not a disinfectant , I would let us use the Murphy. We will not offer to mop your floor with special cleaner Unless it is highly suggested. The cost would be more because of dilution rate. Murphy's is a main ingredient of citronella ( check that out) has some properties of antibacterial, but with our combination it is a much safer and effective way of cleaning the wood floors. I do suggest us cleaning them our way right now. I would definitely stir people away , loved ones from mop and glow , wax, and polish products ( these are like putting a mask over a top of mask on your face, then scratch with a finger nail , hince scratch shows easier... On top of that it is sticky and attracts dirt, germs, and maybe viruses. My name is on list for back order.... 

We start cleaning cars next week  hopefully.  We are in training now. and I may even start teaching on this. I would love to get educated as much as possible, and teach to others. 

Do not forget baby toys and more. --May not know if underlining conditions till too late. 

Now offering mattress, furniture ( sofa, chairs, and more cleaning ) I think this is more important than ever. I do suggest this and please change sheets weekly. Look up all the flit they hold , etc. 

Atrix turbo vacuum / does not come with right floor piece , but can also get bags while there. the prices are normally only 108.00 on amazon prime. the floor piece that comes with it is not okay for multiple uses on wood floor but there is another part that can be purchased for 9 something normally with horsehair

garbage bags

paper towels

I suggest getting the following cleaning package of having your on supplies

murphy's oil soap

dawn/ large

clorox clean up/ large and many as you can get

lysol disinfectant spray if you can find and purchase, if not CDC gave me advice on what to do

brushes_ i will explain and show according to per picture. / kind of like a kitchen brush but need several for grout cleaning and some as toilet brush unless you have toilet brush in each bath.

spray away

you can purchase a bottle of our granite cleaner, and stainless. 

large plastic cups

two buckets

cob web duster head/ we have the pole but your welcome to get it . some crews cant carry the long poles

scratch proof scrubbies ( big supply) 

euro rag ( these can be washed and they are bad to the bone.

terry cloths large/ cleaning

good quality microfiber rags

360 swifter heads and swifter handles extendable

mop heads that can be laundered the loop heads, there is a heavy white at home depot think you can get three a pack. 

*** we have the handles, only get if your extra cautious. 

cleaning caddy

rubbing alcohol the stronger the proof the better- just in case

peroxide- just in case 

lemon juice- just in case

citric acid/ canning- just in case

garbage can and liners for all. i suggest the cleaning of these. We are offering cleaning of all cans starting next week and weather permitting out door porch and patio cleaning. 

all is safe for pets except the clorox clean up. even the new cleaner that once i get it you want to purchase some, i May offer depending on price and availability.  and the new cleaner even kills parvo....

*** when cleaning or washing rags, mops, and microfibers pay attention to how to clean the microfibers as they will not work like predicted if not washed and dried well. do not use softener in the terry cloths or mops

I recommend spraying yard with a strong bleach mixture to protect pets from virus and the removal of feces. If you desire this by us , please let us know. 

We are cleaning all objects before and after your home, but just on the protective side. Me being a germaphobe I do recommend this. The cups helps to rinse showers, so the bigger one is better and the dawn is used in many places . bathrooms, it is a great grease cutter. 

check about packages for things often touched and a swift so/so clean for your budget and protection... If your not weekly - of course. 

We are trying to take care of most things that are often touched now. We will take all precautions to be as safe as we possibly can. 

The cost of things are insane in the cleaning industry right now and it will only get worse with all things and I am sure labor with being out on the front line. I will adjust as needed. Right now we are doing all we can do to hope it turns around , but it only seems to be getting worse.

My plans is to break into smaller groups to avoid all getting sick it this were to happen. It will come in the near future hopefully. Our time will not be as normal time. We will take as many extras steps to be cautious and protect ourselves and you the client no matter how much extra time it may take. Patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. 

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