Due to COVID-19 somethings such as guidelines, appointment days and times have been altered and will be changed as often as needed.


Our services have expanded and we plan to offer even more services in the future. We take pride in our services and do believe that you will be more than happy with the results. We have reasonable rates and run monthly sign up specials. Also, we will run referral specials.

 Contracts are usually only asked for during certain special requirments (if one would like that special or if there has been a past problem).

 The only time a customer might be asked to sign a contract is if the customer has had a history of repeat cancellations, problems with payment, and/or hinder the services requested; there have been a few times that we have taken someone off the schedule all together. We have never had to ask for someone to sign a contract thanks to all of you wonderful customers. Please check out the service or services that you are interested in. 

Cleaning appointments for residential is scheduled on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and/or every three or four weeks. Other services schedule varies. Payment is due at time of service. We ask that you provide us with at least a 48 business hour cancellation notice. We understand that some things are out of our control for example, catching a virus or an ice/snow storm. Please cancel if you or your household has a virus or anything highly contagious. Certainly, we do not want to pass anything around. Non cancellation in reasonable time of at least 48 hours could result into being billed for at least half of your booked appointment cost.


Appointment times - are given based on the factor of no problems or issues. Please know that we do pretty good at these times, but we cannot and will not promise anyone an exact time. Please give us an 1.5 hour time frame of before and/or after appointment time in case of an issue. Best suited appointments are considered morning, afternoon, or evening.--- I do ask for everyone to be flexible with timing for the most part. During the summer time, most children want to sleep in late or many are taking vacations. There is also times where clients or sick and cancel and there are times when I may have some out sick. There will also be times when a client needs a special request because of company or something. We strive for apt times to be as close to on time as they can be, but there is times that many factors work against us. IF YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE WE ARE AT A CERTAIN TIME BECAUSE OF ANYTHING, PLEASE CHECK WITH US BY THE DAY BEFORE.

For Holiday Scheduling or around the holidays, please schedule your appointment ASAP. It is really busy around this time and we strive to fit everyone in.

It is easier to set your appointment for either the morning, afternoon, or evening. We can give you around about time because the jobs vary and so does the time. We ask that you give us at least an hour and 30 minute window from your appointment time. ie.If you have a one clock appointment please allow us to arrive an hour and 30 minutes before time of after time. We are usually prompt or close to time, but there again somethings are out of our control like an accident, traffic, waiting on a customer to arrive back, or cancellation. 


Our rates are reasonable and there are ways to receive discounts. On days of bad weather (or expected bad weather), I will keep you posted if we are able to make it or not. If we are unable to make it, we will book you as a work in and try our best to get you asap.

OUR LOCATION: Currently, we are using somewhat a homemade address, because our office is home based. I felt unsafe to have my home address all over the web, but have no problem giving it to customers in the future. The office is based is based out of Mississippi. We currently serve Midtown, Downtown, Cordova/Germantown line,  Germantown, Collierville, Piperton, East Memphis, Memphis, Olivebranch, Hernando, Independence, and Lewisburg



Please check the website monthly for the new monthly specials.

Please pay attention to the granite, marble, and wood section of this package and certain carpets.


1.     Please check the stability of your fixtures, shelves,  pictures, chandeliers, fans, blinds (the top parts of the blinds should be checked for stability and also when you open them). Please make sure they are up properly or inform us if they are not.

2.     Please make us aware of items that are two parts.

3.     Please check your picture hangings and frames… if pictures are just up against something and not hung or sitting stable, they could slide and fall, this is not our responsibility.. please make sure that all things are stable and okay to move for dusting or vacuuming or mopping, if not, it is your responsibility to let us know thanks. 


5.     Please check stability of curtains and shower curtains, towel racks, etc anything that we may just touch and it fall. IF BLINDS ARE MAGNETIC AND NOT SAFE TO SWING OPEN, PLEASE INFORM US OF THAT. Please check the tops of blinds, for the piece of wood that is attached by plastic holdings as like a valence, to make sure they are stable as well. Please open and raise your blinds to make sure they will not fall and fit the window well.

6.     If you are leaving a key, please check to make sure it is left and put in an unusual place. Make sure that we can get in on your day. (if ya'll are home, that is okay too and if not that is okay too).

7.     If animals, such as dogs, do not like strangers or make us feel uncomfortable please make sure they are securely put up. We do love animals, but don't wont to get bit. Please let us know their names and if they can have treats or not. Also, let us know if they can go out back to potty.

8.     If any thing is irreplaceable please put it away or tell us to stay away from it. Accidents do happen.

9.     Keep valuables up and away. ie., dusting and diamond earring knocked in the floor and then vacuumed up. Same for money. We do our best at keeping the right people working. This being said that crocked people exist everywhere and in every field. We have been very blessed with this and have not had any issues. 

Please just keep up and away.





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