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*** not saying that I am an expert , but I can promise I have had 25 yrs of experience and pretty much knows what works and what does not far as most if not all floors and stone. 

Be careful on the salesmen that sale the cleaning products, they are only telling you what they have been taught to sell, not what they have had experience on using the products.

We will stay clear and not use any products with wax or polish when comes to floors. If you are needing any of these things we can discuss the people I have that can do these things, if I allow them too. We will no longer use orange glow or mop , mop and glow, or/and certain polishes for floors. Trust me they are not good for floors . In fact they attract dirt and are sticky , they leave build up and residue on floors that will in return make your floor more vulnerable to scratches because of this.

All wood floors are not supposed to be wet at all, but they will not be clean that way. We dilute a cap full of murphys in water (gallon) and use this for dusting and wood floors unless the client has a special request product they would like for us to use. The only products we will use even if you provide them will be Bruce floor cleaner or bona floor cleaner. I have very good reasons for this. 


Having so many customers, we have learned a lot through out the years. Some say this is what I was told to use and some say something else so I decided to do some research and see what I could come up with. Remember on calling different dealers with certain products, you may want to be very careful. I was surprised at some of the things they would say to use but I guess some say certain things because they think that you will buy more of that product, I do not know. One lady was told to use denatured alcohol on granite. That is made of gasoline and sometimes acetone… I’m going to share my research with you and my opinion and then let ya'll choose and let me know. Some products I will provide and others you will have to provide, that is any special cleaners. Please check out the ingredients of your cleaners, you may be really shocked.

Concrete flooring cleaning specialist. 

ceramic tile specialist. 

Granite - you are supposed to have them resealed every year or two - it says not even a non–scratch pad scrubby - only a sponge, you will need to purchase these because they hold a lot of bacteria. I would clean them in vinegar afterwards and rinse them out well. To use only mild dish soap and warm water. For shine, some say use vinegar and others say don’t. So many sites will say so many different things. Vinegar is acetic as lemon. For stains they say a bleach mixture or acetone for a hour or two placed on the stain, I will not do that because I know that will leave a different stain. I am thinking magic eraser which you may want to provide. Also, for shine you can purchase the special cleaners. I know 409 has one --- so if I don’t hear from you for what to use. We will use a rag, dish soap, and in some cases diluted vinegar for shine and dry. We want to help you take care of your things.

Marble - is soft stone and should be sealed I believe every year, please research yourself. Should only use water and mild detergent. One of my clients uses vinegar diluted in water. They say vinegar is as acetic as lemon. And natural stone polish for marble, that is for you to provide. No scrubbier. And dry… marble is very delicate and fragile, but beautiful.


Carpets - certain carpets do not need the beta bar on them because they will pull the threads. This is the case with a lot of them like bamboo type rugs are very very old oriental rugs. Please let us know if you do not want the beta bar of the vacuum used on them. In that case it will be hard to remove a lot of hair with just the floor piece. If they are small and oriental sometimes placing them in the dryer will work. Be careful and check on that.

Moving furniture - please make sure the saucer like bigger type sliders are attached to the bottoms because even the smaller type sliders break off and become unattached, if you would like us to move something for vacuuming. We are not he man’s, but can move some things and the sliders really help and protect your flooring as well. This helps for us vacuuming and mopping underneath.

Concrete stained floors - recommends for you to use mild dish soap and warm water. Depending on your floor, I would check it all out and please let us know. We will not provide Bona or pricey products but will love to help you take care of your things.


COPPER SINKS AND DIFFERENT TYPES - some should not use harsh chemicals so please let us know about things. That desire or need special or different attention, such as no scrubbier, etc.


Below is what I found on a website:
To keep dust and dirt from damaging your finish, be sure to dust mop, vacuum, or sweep your hardwood floors regularly. Walking over a dirty or dusty floor will damage the finish.· When vacuuming your hardwood floor, avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar. Instead, use a vacuum with a brush or felt head.· Place mats or area rugs at all outside entrances to capture excess dust and dirt before it enters the house. Be sure to frequently shake out, vacuum, or wash any mats or area rugs. In order to let the floor cure, avoid laying down rugs or mats for the first three weeks.· Apply floor protector pads to the bottoms of furniture legs. Keep them clean of any dirt or grit and periodically replace them with new ones.· If you're installing hardwood flooring in your kitchen, place area rugs in front of the sink and stove to prevent excess wear and catch liquid splashes and spills. Vacuum and shake out the rugs when needed to keep them clean.· Never use a non–ventilated or rubber–backed mat on hardwood floors.· Consider purchasing a humidifier or dehumidifier to use in your home, especially if you live in a climate where the humidity frequently fluctuates. This will keep your hardwood floors at the appropriate moisture level to minimize cracking between the planks.· Clean up liquid spills immediately. Spills left sitting can leak between the boards and damage your hardwood floors, warping the wood and potentially leading to mold beneath the floor.· When mopping the floor, apply floor cleaner directly to the mop until lightly damp. Do not pour cleaner onto your hardwood floor. It's a good idea to use a swivel–head mop with a terry cloth cover to avoid scraping your hardwood flooring.· Never wax over a urethane finish, and avoid using cleaners that will leave behind a residue.· Always use manufacturer–recommended hardwood floor cleaners. If you use the wrong type of cleaner, you risk voiding your warranty.· Be aware of what type of finish your hardwood flooring has, because that will determine what you use to clean it.· Protect your hardwood floors from direct sunlight, as this can fade your floors over time. Frequently move rugs and furniture, and hang window treatments to limit direct sunlight green cleaning products. 

For immediate help from a flooring professional or fellow remodeler, you use our Flooring Forums.The floor cleaning depends on your floor finish and type , etc. it is best for you to find out and let me know. we have been using using murphys ( a cap full ) diluted in a bucket of warm water , I found this works best for really dirty , sticky, floors. And with dog slaver that is the hardest thing to clean because of the acid in their saliva . It also recommends a little dish soap in warm water. And never to use hot water or steam or anything harsh. Its recommends ice for sticky gum products or food to harden so it can break off. It also recommends that vinegar in water works well. I also recommend bona cleaner not polish and the special floor cleaning mops which you would need to provide at least two of with extra pads, they would need to be cleaned before we come again. I hope this is very helpful.


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