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Cleaning Service and More brochure

We desire to deliver more than your expectations with the services we provide at the most affordable price range that we can possibly honor.

We are bonded, licensed, insured, and family owned and operated.

We would love to add you to our family schedule.

***We are not perfect, but we strive to be the best out there and even better. We do a 24 hour guarantee of our fault, not for someone to come in and mess up after we have cleaned. We do pics and video when we need and for website , quality, & training. We have a system that works and we must follow for cost wise etc. Prices are subject to change as needed and when things fall out of normal cleaning or your custom cleaning package. This is  just how it goes. Our clients have been our best teachers. If there is an issue , please let us know with in 24 hours from your appointment. If someone is nit picking or always unhappy and complains, we will happily suggest to look elsewhere for another cleaner and will remove from schedule. We will not come back to clean up after a mess that was made after we left free of charge or to insert fragrance plugs or things like that for instance. 


Inquire about our 24 hour satisfaction guarantee ( it is all about the service we provide for a client ). This is not honored if you have a party after our arrival or some plumbing work, etc.

First deep clean prices are usually more than regular cleaning prices. We offer many deep cleaning packages. Usually the blinds are what takes us the longest because we will do them per slat on the initial clean.

Check our web site monthly for referral specials and contest etc, to earn credit and/or pay out for your help to grow our business.

Please check the event calendar and special page for certain specials. Share us with your friends. You may just get something extra for sharing especially on face book and depending on how often.

Please read all of the brochure as it explains all details of how our system works. We may can come up with a plan to suit most reasonable budgets, but we work best doing our normal routine.

We can not clean in hot or freezing homes and will not need the temp to be around 70 and this includes upstairs. We will attempt to set it on correct temp and hope fore it to get comfortable asap. I get sick when hot in homes and so does others.

We do not swap out normal cleans for other services for the same price.


What to expect:

Our normal cleans include the following: dusting (fans and blinds included, unless otherwise noted), floors (vacuumed and mopped), kitchen (outside of appliances) and bathrooms. You can expect baseboards to be wiped clean every time in bathrooms  Glass is done on kitchen window in front of sink and on doors and side glass of doors too ; this includes up to four doors We dust with a cap full of Murphy's diluted in water in a full mop bucket and use this for our mopping of wood floors unless otherwise noted not to. We have a system that works and must be able to run our system the way that we do; changing the system and how we clean your home and where we start with your home can and will more than likely affect your price because it will take us longer than anticipated.

Shag rugs and Jute/ Sisal rugs will be vacuumed without using our beta bar. If you desire shag rugs or very thick carpets to be vacuumed with a beta bar we will need to use a vacuum provided by you. These can tear or break a beta bar/ vacuum. We are not responsible if you request this. 

Please do not spray a chemical into your shower or other areas before we come, if we mix a chemical that has an interaction with the chemical you placed, it can be deadly. Also, please remove rags and toothbrushes from shower area. Sometimes we do not realize these are there until after we have sprayed down. Please remove toothbrushes from your shower area.

The estimate will be given with our cleaning map based on your home. YOU MUST fill out a form to be added to our schedule and all fields are required.  An emergency contact number is needed in case of a leak or something that we need to get a hold of someone quick and we can not get you on the phone. There will be a file left at your home as well as one in the office that must be updated when any changes are made. This helps with our maintenance schedule. ESTIMATES ARE BASED ON GUESSING OF HOW LONG; I CALL THEM GUESSTIMATES. THERE IS NO WAY TO GIVE AN EXACT PRICE BASED ON TIME FRAME BECAUSE ONCE IN THE DEEP CLEAN IT COULD TAKE LONGER. WE CAN TRY TO GIVE A CLOSE RANGE AND CAN WARN YOU IF WE THINK THAT IT WILL NEED MORE. WE MAY CAN COME UP WITH A PLAN TO TACKLE IT OVER A FEW APPOINTMENTS. WE ALSO CAN TAKE PAYPAL CREDIT AT THIS TIME.

Please have any special cleaners that you would like us to use that we do not provide. These must be approved by myself before they can use. We will need you to provide paper towels (non scented, cheap are best), garbage bags, and or liners, 360 swifter heads, magic erasers, and non scratch scrubies.  We will need you to provide a two step (at least step stool). We must have electricity and water to clean provided by the client and lights. When cleaning the inside homes and/or office temp around 70 temperature is idea for us, anything that is hotter than this somewhat may keep us from doing our job and we may have to leave in the middle of the job. We prefer to use our vacuum, but you having one helps just in case. 

We provide the vacuum and mops.-- CLEAN MOPS

Things that add to our rates that are often added.

Extra garbage removal. ie out of norm, box removal etc- garbage to the road ( the garbage has to fit inside the garbage can and can not be overflowing from the top in order for us to add this for you.

Polishing is usually an additional cost. This really doesn't matter what needs to be polished. Chandeliers often have additional prices for cleaning depending on the type of chandelier. 

Waiting to start the service  or for any part of the service for some reason other than our own fault will cost additional. 

Paint removal is additional cost. 

Inside china cabinets usually cost more; there are exceptions.

Linens changed- additional prices may apply. If one desires for us to change linens please make sure they are clean and stacked on foot of the bed and not in a pillow case. We can not wait on linens to dry without adding additional fee's.

caulk and sealants

Grout cleaning

Chandeliers and light fixtures ( waiver to be signed.

Antiques. special request that is out of the norm.

Insect removal

extra vacuum bag or changing of a bag includes a price and we do this if we feel it is necessary. 

Steam mopping - normally provided by the client unless otherwise. Heat or steaming is not recommended for wood floors. Each time the floor is mopped with a steam mop the price will increase.

** some things may need more than once or even twice considering the condition on the task at hand.

Using of certain vacuums of clients by his/her request.

Vacuuming new carpet. because of the need of multiple times of vacuuming and the more needed vac bags this is a must. **** New vacuum bag needed due to request, insects, or we do not think it is safe to place in auto or go to next home with. The Fee of the bag will be 5.00

Mopping more than once or anything more than once, ie., someone working and constantly bringing trash in the home while we are there and it is needed to be got up.

Spot removal.

Pet stains/accidents. 

Human stains/accidents

Sanitary Napkins/ tampons ( this price will be 50.00 and up starting price to pick up these)

Puke clean up

lice is considered a special clean

Sick clean up is a special clean with special pricing

Sheet rock dust and any kind of renovation or construction clean up

Inside and outside of windows

Picking up garbage out of the floor

Taking garbage to the road


Cleaning out garbage cans

Soap scum remover , that takes more time than normal clean and maybe special tools and chemicals

Mold remover that takes more time and special tools 

Changing out shower curtain and things of that such

Duvet cover change

Dust ruffle change/ curtain change

mattress clean and/or flipping

filter change

Trash pick up that is in floor , etc . Trash must be placed in cans to be considered normal cleaning fee.

loading and unloading the dishwasher and putting dishes away- do not really recommend dishes put away.

Couch, sofa, loveseat , and other fabric furniture choices

Light bulb changing , if suitable for your home and our guidelines

any discharge of any kind, feces , urine , feminine products that are not in garbage to be dumped and need picking up. maggots are bug removal.

will be charged at a much needed additional rate. will take special suiting etc and discard of products. 

Sweeping before we can vacuum.

Hazardous cleaning - will need to be notified in the event of any drugs etc. this normally has to do with rental houses or move in's and/or outs. THIS INCLUDES BLOOD, FECES, & BODILY DISCHARGE. per CDC



Grout cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Spot Cleaning

Light Bulb changing

Some chandeliers

Moving furniture - there is some light moving to a degree that does not affect the cost.


Removing items such as trashing out items, may be available for extra cost and may not, need to check prior to appointment. 

Inside ovens -*** please run the self cleaning option at least by the day before appointment- take the racks out when you run.- Follow the instructions of your manual- some of these can take 8 hours and will run you out of a home- they can cause breathing issues. If your oven is not self cleaned it will need to be sprayed with a fume free oven clean very well at least the day before. You will not be able to use that oven until it is all cleaned. I would raise the windows especially if you the home will be occupied. Follow the instructions of the spray and your oven manual. This is a must before we can clean any oven.

Inside a Refrigerator

Inside a Freezer


Light globes/ fixtures

Drapes vacuumed

Picking up

Cleaning under beds that we have to remove everything under to clean

Furniture vacuumed

Dishes- more than a few(5) and if desiring us to put them away or load a dishwasher. ( keep in mind if you add this service, we will do the best to put away dishes in proper spot. * if desiring to add dishes and start dishwasher you need to send an email giving permission to start the dishwasher as for we will be leaving it on while we are not there. This is the same for starting a washer or dryer.


Outside the house cleaning options - garage, windows, gutters, and/or pressure washing. Patio and porches usually will cost more or different pricing . You will need to provide water hose and sprayer for outside windows AND THIS WILL DEPEND ON THE HOME IF WE ARE ABLE TO DO THIS OR NOT.

Attics (seasonal) - more than a few dishes, putting dishes away, laundry, porches, organizing, sanitizing (ie toys, walls, etc) and things outside require prior scheduling and additional cost. Many things will fall in this category.

AND.. anything outside our normal clean will result into additional fees.

Things you may want to add to your service or deep clean: window cleaning in/out (weather permitting), oven cleaning (run your oven at least the day before if self cleaning and remove racks), fridge and/or freezer cleaning (if needs defrosting, please do that in enough time to allow us to perform our task in a timely fashion). Light globes removed and cleaned, garage, and/or attic (do not clean attics in heat of the summer), walls washed, and/or porch cleaning service.

We have a system and must be able to get into areas as soon as we come in. This is what makes our system work so well, if not prices may increase. This is true if other workers are in your home or we are delayed for some reason other than our on.


Estimates are only good for seven days and are given according to the job looked at the time of the estimate. ie., if remodeling since the estimate was given the price will probably be different. Prices are subject to change as needed. ie., chemicals and/or labor prices rise. (we rarely do this, but do it as needed and we give an advance notice).

First deep clean prices are normally higher than your normal cleans. Your deep/new clean helps to keep the home/business on a maintenance schedule. Normal deep cleans are normal cleans with the addition of baseboards, doors, up above cabinetry, and trim. Forms will give you a chance to add more things to list if needed. Payments are due at time of service if not on a payment plan. Check processing fee is an addition $8.00. If located out of our peak areas, a trip fee may apply. This price will apply to most. Maybe different for some regarding cancellations in the past, etc. This may be altered during Holiday Season due to the demand of services. Some will be required a deposit of at least half of the expected amount to schedule the appointment. If you cancel your apt during this time you will not be issued a refund. Deposits are to hold the appointment slot and are placed towards your appointment slot that was requested. All payments are made by CASH OR SOME TYPE OF MERCHANT WITH FEE'S OR ACH WITH FEE'S. AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. (online fee's apply and fee's differ depending on type of payment). Payments may depend on special ran at the time for discounted rates for prepayment plans and contract plans.

We take credit cards and pay pal. Rates will apply.

We accept paypal and rates will apply to this as well.

Our homes are not based on your neighbor’s or friend’s home. Each job is different, regardless if it is the same size. Someone may joined our schedule on a special that was offered, etc. Also, someone may not have as many items in his/home that needs to be done. Empty houses that need special cleans can and have ran more than other cleans because of how long it takes us to clean the serviced location. Sometimes smaller houses can run more than larger houses.

*** Your price is given to you based on the amount of times that we come in a month if you miss a time more than likely your next apt time will be more because it normally takes us more time once we have missed an apt time.

Tipping and holiday schedules

Tipping is totally up to the client.

During Christmas time, I normally take all the money and place it in an account and divide it among the girls and guys. I do it fairly depending on how long they have been here etc. and have a system in place for that process. That way no one gets his/her feelings hurt.

Tipping on other occasions is totally up to the client. It is not necessary, but it is greatly appreciated. If you decide to pay your bill on line with the prepaid specials, and you desire to leave a tip, please do so in an envelope that states tip on it for the cleaning crew (that way they will know). Book your holiday appointments in advance.

Team Members

Our crew members are hard working, big hearted, reliable, dependable, animal and people loving people. Background checks and drug test are performed on each of our team members. They are very polite and have big hearts. Yes, we have guys and gals that work. They have respect and treat everyone’s home as if it were theirs cleaning wise. Please give respect to them and to other clients when scheduling your appointment. We do not discriminate for any reason.


We try to provide the same crew members to each assignment. If sick, I do ask them not to come in. We have clients that have Cancer and their health is compromised. I do not want to get them even more sick. Please cancel if anything is contagious. We do not want to come and clean if something is contagious/passable to where it is a nuisance for other clients or ourselves. A list of examples will be provided: flu, virus, stomach virus, head lice and/or anything in that nature. This will update as CDC updates us and depends on what is going around during a specific time. 

We will not come out if roads and/or weather is bad (snow, ice, and/or tornadoes) or will be bad before we can arrive home to our families. I will text or call you if this happens. It does not matter what party someone is having on or who needs what. Everyone’s safety is important to me and the liability is not worth the worry.

We do provide special cleans at a whole different level. They are not at normal prices. These cleans would take extra cautious and to be suited up and for things that we have to be extra cautious about ie., mold removal, and much more. They will need to be scheduled way in advance and have to have special equipment. If there has been a natural disaster, and we are asked to stay out of the area, we will. 

 Why was I cancelled? OR My friend quit using you and I should too.

*** Okay , just because we clean houses does not make us not humans. We too should be respected and there are always two sides to every story. If your friend yells at a team member or disrespects them, throws things at them and talks to them awful, we will not be back. And if there is human feces in a shower and someone expects us to clean it up (maybe if we are suited up and equipped for it with a minimum price of $500.00).

I can not stress what all has happened or goes on and then the cleaners are always the bad guys. We have a tremendous amount of fabulous clients that are just so wonderful that we do not have to put up with things that are totally uncalled for.  If you choose to drop us because your friend quit using us that is totally your choice and we will miss you and wish you the best. I know I sleep well at night making sure that We do what is right. Do you?
**** We do not do flaky , if someone changes a lot or has no respect for our apts slots this someone will be removed.
Please refer to FQA


Please give us at least a 48 business hours cancellation notice. Non cancellation fee’s will be billed of at least half to full price of the scheduled apt. types cost. Repeated cancellations, may cause you to lose your spot on our schedule and/or result in higher price for our services. Please cancel when need be. Things happen that are out of our control and we completely understand that, but taken up a bi-weekly spot on our schedule (for cheaper price)and only getting cleaned once a month is not good for our business. Please understand. If you need to swap etc, we will try to oblige your apt request. Clients have things that come up all the time. This is life and we will do what we can to rearrange and honor the request. However, we can not just move someone or take them off the list, etc., without checking in and seeing if someone doesn't mind be swapped around.

If you need to add extra service or apt. in between times please do so in advance so I can schedule accordingly. A request of oven clean at the last minute or when the team arrives will probably not be able to be fulfilled.

and not having surprises such as sheet rock dust helps with scheduling. We ask that clients be flexible as much as possible because there may be a time where you might need a special request and we try to honor request as much as possible. Letting us know you have an event or company coming ahead of time( to make sure we get it done in a timely fashion) is very helpful , even if you are not expecting us before our day. So many things are a factor with timing . 

*** If you are sick with something contagious cancel and please do not expect us to come the next day it will need to be at least 48 hours after it has ran its course for anyone in your household. please look at update page for updated guidelines for us to follow.

* The above also goes for anything that is a nuisance, ie lice requires a special clean and price. No exceptions

****If you are daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and you miss an appointment your rate will probably be more on the next visit because it often takes us longer and cost more in labor etc to complete the job.

*** Appointment times are given. There is a 3 hour window with your apt 1.5 hour earlier or later. We never know what to expect or how the appointment before you will turn out. ie., water leak and water all over the house, client goes into labor etc. If your apt time is 12:30 p.m. we can arrive as early as 11:00 a.m. and as late as 2:00 p.m. That is our goal of time frame. I can not promise anyone if an appointment time says 3, that we will be there. We have lots of clients, not just three or four. Every client is very valuable to our team, including myself. I will not be stressed out because a client is angry because we are not there at a certain time. We try our best and we do pretty good at our times; that is all we can do. **If you have a time frame that it has to be done by on a certain day, please let us know prior than your apt day and time (some give us heads up the day before). This is not for every apt., but just a special request to ensure that we can get you done by that time (into regards that nothing happens out of our control).

***Please let us know of irreplaceable items/things. Accidents do happen and no one is perfect. Please notify us of a special request, ie item to be dry dusted only. Please keep all valuables up and away.*** also, insurance tells me to inform each client that it is not safe to leave door open, or key under mat. I do not really like holding keys, but we will . Also, you can check into them one day locks or lock pad to insert key. can enter my last four of phone number for our code. this is helpful. 

***If you are monthly, you are fine. However, if you are not a monthly client, we are only taking new clients as weekly and biweekly clients at this time.***


Accidents DO happen

*** If anything is irreplaceable, please put away or note etc. We obviously can’t replace things that are irreplaceable. We can make a notation so we can stay away. Accidents do happen and we are not perfect.  Please put belongings such as money and jewelry up/away. There has been money under beds that has got eaten partly by the vacuum and we have dusted the counters off knocking a diamond earring into floor and then up in the vac. Please put things away.

**We are not responsible for blind breakage. If they are in two parts and/or magnetic please let us know. Blinds over the period of time if handled somewhat much, can break it would be normal wear and tear. The string blinds clips can break from the raising etc. This doesn’t happen every day and at every client's house, but it does happen. They are pricey, but even the plantation blinds staple will work it’s way out if sitting in the sun and then we open them from cleaning. If you request us to use a product that you provide we are not responsible for damage of that product ie., mop and glow on wood floors (not good for wood floors over a period of time) tilex, is known to etch shower glass doors. Things like that.

If a toilet is broken or there is something we do not need to touch please make us aware of this by a note, text, and/or call before our arrival.

** We are not and will not be responsible for normal wear and/or tear. I have guidelines we must follow for replacing an item and so on. Things are probated , etc. We will not replace normal wear and/or tear things or damage it may cause to other things because it fell. ie ceiling fan falls to floor and damages things.

We are not mind readers and we are not perfect ; If you are looking for them two things , we are not neither , but we will try to be the best we can. 

*** Our team members sign a no compete contract and are in a legal contract to not be able to provide services for two years after receiving his/her last pay. *** Our clients are asked to not engage or offer pay to provide similar services. This will only cause conflict and keep the pricing and liabilities to go high and a much faster rate and will remove the client permanently from our list. If one needs anything, one may ask and we may can arrange this , but all must be approved by the manager or higher up. If your on our list this is that your agreeing to this to help keep cost down etc, to not try to go behind our back and wheel & deal

Important facts:

Please do not leave a door open or a key under the front mat. This is too common and is not safe. I do not wish for our crew to walk into an unsafe environment or the client after we leave. The world is too crazy. Some people give us key’s, codes, and/or hide a key really well.


****** We do not care if the client (it is your home) is home or not. As long as we can do our job in a timely fashion. ie., someone always in the kitchen cooking when we arrive and making our appointment time run over and us lose money because we are delayed because of this. If something makes us run behind in that since there is an additional charge. Every now and then this may happen, totally understandable, but not every time. We have a time efficient system that allows us to do a house in a certain amount of time and when something throws us off it will make us behind for the rest of the day.

***Please have your air on in the summer. We may not do the job if an  air conditioner is not working, etc. We ask that people keep it around at least 72 degrees all year around for us.***

**We are animal and people lovers. However, if animals do not like people or strangers, please make sure they are up. Other than that, we need to know if their names and if he/she may have treats. May they go in back if they need to go out?

***Join our birthday club for special discounts and more. We love our client’s!!***

*** info on bacteria can be found here

Samonellia info can be found here ( notice they like warmer temps )-


If you are allergic to any chemical or anything that may need to be brought to our attention, please let us know.

Murphy's a cap full diluted into a gallon bucket of water for dusting and mopping the wood floor. Other recommendations is Bona floor cleaner NOT polish. That depends on your floor. Do not steam or use wax products it is not recommended.

Dish soap - dawn for cleaning of kitchen and baths. It is a great grease cutter even in tubs.

Spray away or Windex.

Mr. Clean, Pine-sol, or Fabulous.

Clorox clean up.


New bad to the bone health grade cleaner/ not saYING THE NAME BECAUSE OF PRICE GOUGING.    

** Sometimes we change our cleaning products as needed. If we are having trouble getting a certain product etc. Bleach and Murphy's are usually a problem for us to get. However, it is important to let us know if you have any known allergies to any chemicals.


Those are our main cleaners as of this date. I like to use things that clean and disinfect.

We use our vacuums unless noted otherwise. Your vacuum can not take more time than ours. It may cause a service charge increase.

We bring in clean mop heads.

I suggest you providing non-scratch sponges for baths and kitchen. Separate ones please.

We do not provide garbage bags and paper towels or special request cleaners that we do not carry.

We carry one step stool. It helps if you have another. We do not carry large ladders.

I do recommend Mrs Myers clean day products for a more natural and safe clean. They smell awesome too. If interested in these or the Laundess ( has awesome scented vinegar for $) smell and clean great. Let me know the fee will be more and I will need to order these, also. Target and bedbath beyond carries some of The myers products, but not all of them.

*** toilet hangers from lysol or such is not recommended because of children, pets, and other chemicals are not a good combination. Infact, it could cause a deadly gas. 


*** We love referrals. Infact, our clients are our only source of advertising at this current time. Word of mouth rocks!

However, we can not make everyone happy. This may or may not be your friend/ family member, etc.

I will try to make everyone happy. This is not possible to do with everyone. Just remember I will try my best. When I refer someone to a business, I let them know this is the experience I’ve had with them and I’m grateful for that experience.

I have had to remove some clients off the list and will if that is the last resort. We love to do our job and do it right. I’m not interested in walking on eggshells. We are very interested in adding new clients to our list and making everyone more than happy. I have an example of an event just to help one understanding. Someone talking very ugly to the team members or just being very disrespectful. We have several clients and do not have to put up with clients, as such. ie., someone that complains no matter what you do, because he/she is looking for a discount. (this is rare , but has happened). We are cleaners and housekeepers not a maid service. We can provide maids, but that is more costly. If you are offended because you refer us to someone and it does not work out. All I can do is apologize and know that we have tried our very best.


cleaning brochure continued


**We must have lights, electric, heat/air, and water in order to perform our job.**


If your light bulbs are blown out please make sure to change them so we can see and do the best job that we can.

We pick up and straighten up a little to a point. We do not go through clothes to see what is clean or dirty, etc. Please make sure things are picked up so we can do our job. please check website for other services offered. ie., organizing, pet sitting and more. Dishes are not included in our prices. We can do them for an additional fee.


this below will explain why it may take a certain amount of time and of the cost, if a home has not been cleaned in a year or two , or even six months, we have lots of dust to remove. it will not be able to be cleaned to satisfaction for a 100 or even 200.00

** Dust consists of particles in the atmosphere that come from various sources such as soil, dust lifted by weather (an aeolian process), volcanic eruptions, and pollution. Dust in homes, offices, and other human environments contains small amounts of plant pollenhumanand animal hairstextile fiberspaper fibers, minerals from outdoor soil, human skin cells, burnt meteorite particles, and many other materials which may be found in the local environment.[1]

Domestic dust and humans

Three years of use without cleaning has caused this laptop heat sink to become clogged with dust, and it can no longer be used as it may overheat.

Domestic dust on a finger

House dust mites are present indoors wherever humans live. Positive tests for dust mite allergies are extremely common among people with asthma. Dust mites are microscopic arachnids whose primary food is dead human skin cells, but they do not live on living people. They and their feces and other allergens they produce are major constituents of house dust, but because they are so heavy they are not suspended for long in the air. They are generally found on the floor and other surfaces until disturbed (by walking, for example). It could take somewhere between twenty minutes and two hours for dust mites to settle back down out of the air.

Dust mites are a nesting species that prefers a dark, warm, and humid climate. They flourish in mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpets. Their feces include enzymes that are released upon contact with a moist surface, which can happen when a person inhales, and these enzymes can kill cells within the human body.[2] House dust mites did not become a problem until humans began to use textiles, such as western style blankets and clothing.[3]

Atmospheric dust


Humans lose between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells every hour. During a 24-hour period, a person loses almost a million skin cells. The human body is made up of roughly 10 trillion cells in total, 1.6 trillion of which are skin cells.

How much skin do we shed in a day? |

Humans lose between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells every hour. During a 24-hour period, a person loses almost a million skin cells. The human body is made up of roughly 10 trillion cells in total, 1.6 trillion of which are skin cells.

How much skin do we shed in a day? |

Humans lose between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells every hour. During a 24-hour period, a person loses almost a million skin cells. The human body is made up of roughly 10 trillion cells in total, 1.6 trillion of which are skin cells.

How much skin do we shed in a day? |

Humans lose between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells every hour. During a 24-hour period, a person loses almost a million skin cells. The human body is made up of roughly 10 trillion cells in total, 1.6 trillion of which are skin cells.

How much skin do we shed in a day? |

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